What is internal energy ?

The dictionary definition of the word energy is the ability to do work. When you say work, going to different actions. For example, moving something, lifting something, something’s heating, lighting of something more …

Energy forms. For example, chemical energy, electrical energy, thermal energy, light energy, nuclear energy. Energy can be transferred from one form to another. For example, chemical energy, stored in batteries becomes light energy when we light the torch, or the energy of sound when you turn on the radio. Chemical energy, stored food we ate, turns into kinetic energy when we walk or run. Electrical energy, flowing turns the phone cord tube sound energy of the person we are talking to.

Activity around us produces energy

Every form of energy can be used in several ways. For example, fire can be used for heating but can also be used to burn. Electrical energy can light up the house but can also cause electrocution if misused. Water can run a power plant and can also cause flooding and drowning. All energy can appear both positively and negatively.

Spiritual energy similar to other types of energy that it provides the ability to perform spiritual work. Like other energies, spiritual energy also can be positive or negative. It can make us feel good and develop or feel tightness and pressure. Positive spiritual energy will be expressed feelings of joy, peace and security in a negative spiritual energy will be expressed feelings of anger, fear, insecurity, etc. Often we feel where we are jobs we need this or that atmosphere. This is a direct effect of the quality of energy stored in the same place.

Energy can not be created from scratch, and the world is not gone!

When we are dealing with the energy we need to understand that energy is always present and can not just disappear. It can replace only a form – water can run a power plant that turns the electrical energy which energy flows and strings of energy becomes heat, which cooks our food which provides energy to our bodies and allows us to work and build a large water pumps …

Spiritual energy operates in a similar manner and through proper awareness can transform one type of energy into energy of a different kind – to turn negative energy into positive energy, make forgiveness anger, fear, love, concern and hope.