Hair Loss in women


Hair loss and / or thinning hair weak and women is a very popular phenomenon. Did you know that hair loss is a symptom of various deficiencies, which are common iron deficiency in the body that result out of stress , but it is important to know that the lack of B 12 or in other B vitamins may cause them to drop out. Without an adequate amount of nutrients the body’s cells do not receive enough oxygen and as a result, the hair will become thinner and more fragile.

Hair loss is the first symptom of anemia. The best way to treat anemia is a combination of vitamin B12 with iron.

Hair loss in women as a result of iron deficiency
Iron in the human body is mostly in red blood cells responsible inter alia for supplying oxygen to all the body’s cells. When the body does not absorbs enough iron, the red blood cells do not transfer enough oxygen to different cells, and as a result, vital processes many that occur in our bodies can be damaged when the rest of the processes included in the process of hair growth, and accordingly, the hair may suffer persistent dry leading to brittle hair, thinning, hair loss and hair loss.

Hair loss as a result of a lack of B12

Vitamin B12 also, like all the B vitamins will cause poor blood flow to the scalp, which avoids vital nutrients to reach the hair root, so it will weaken and drop out. The B12 provides nutrients to all cells in the body, including the hair follicles.

If your diet is low in vitamin B12 or you have septic problems (most people have a problem of occlusion, even those who could animal products) There is a fear of hair loss or growth rate will slow to normal hair. This is because the cell will not grow hair follicle when B12 deficiency. Also vitamin B12 is especially important for health nervous system and the creation of red blood cells, and when one of those injured may affect hair growth and cause hair loss. Adults aged B12 deficiency will lead to premature gray hair.

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Iron supplements to strengthen hair and prevent hair loss in women – Is it advisable?
Lack of iron in the body is a common phenomenon suffered by over a billion people worldwide. This develops gradually, and in most cases it worsens when the amount of iron absorbed by the body does not match the amount of iron the body needs it. One solution to supply the amount of iron the body is made possible by taking iron supplements among women and men who do not suffer from anemia.

George Kotsrlis, director of the University Fnsbilih a private clinic and scalp problems, editor Various studies in recent years in the field of iron supplements for men and women suffering from hair loss. In one of his last pieces he published the following: “The results of the research that I conduct my practice in recent years shows that innovation iron stores for men and women suffering from hair loss led to the fact they tend to regrow their hair, or at least stop the rate of hair loss.”

Results of experimental research of George Kotsrlis, added to a series of studies conducted over the last 40 years in the field of iron deficiency in the body. The bulk of these studies show a direct link between iron deficiency (with or without anemia) and the phenomenon of hair loss in women and men.

Hair loss in women

Important Information
Iron supplements should be taken only in cases where a medical diagnosis lack of iron in the body. B12 has no fear of taking on a daily basis without blood tests Since the B12 is a water soluble vitamin, meaning the body uses what it needs and the rest will go to out.

The reason that one of the symptoms of the most prominent of iron deficiency is hair loss or thinning hair is most of the iron in the body is inside the red blood cells, which carry oxygen to all body cells and regulates the growth and differentiation of cells, which are so vital processes that so many of our body, including hair growth healthy.

Without enough iron or B12 cells do not get enough oxygen, which can cause anemia, fatigue and hair loss.
Taking an iron supplement in combination with B12 can strengthen your hair, bring it back to its natural color and improve the growth rate.

How To Live a full longer life


The confusion and great uncertainty about the things that will help us live longer and better. Is the secret is to run a marathon or pursue yoga? Is a diet is the solution or perhaps avoiding dairy products and meat? Maybe eat organic or vegan? Take supplements or certain hormones? Is important sense of purpose in life or spirituality are those that affect our life expectancy?

Danish Twin Study (Dan Auditorium and colleagues, 2011) shows that only 10% of the average life expectancy in our genes dictated person and biological limits and 90% additional dictated our lifestyle.

Dan Auditorium and colleagues, in collaboration with National Geographic and the National Center on Aging, tried and tested formula for longevity. They did this by identifying four areas have proven to be a demographic areas where life expectancy is significantly higher than the average in the rest of the population, and checked what the people there are different from usual.

How are conducted “right people”?

1. physically conduct routine part of daily routine

They arrange their lives, who are required to perform regular physical activity – from up and down stairs, getting up from sitting to standing many times during the day, mobility via walks around to cleaning, cooking, baking and truly unique. A variety of these physical activities burn calories. When they decide to make a deliberate exercise, they choose the training that make them fun and bearings have been approved – such as walking outdoors, cycling and so on.

2. Click preventing relaxing breaks

They make a point to find time during the day to relax, to combine activities that would allow them to leave the stressful routine of the day. When we conducted quickly and under pressure, inflammatory response is associated with diseases such as Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular disease. When we slow down the pace and combine scheduled breaks of at least 15 minutes a day, we manage to turn the situation inflammatory anti-inflammatory state.

3. Purpose and meaning of life

When they quit and retire, they worry that it would be something to hold them, give them a reason to wake up in the morning, they find their purpose and meaning to life. For example every day to get up and do fitness, gardening, volunteer organizations or NGOs, biking, nature walks and more. This tip is worth about 7 years of longevity.

4. They do not do diets

They avoid unnecessary diets do not work. They take care to maintain a healthy lifestyle which includes a lot of vegetables, a little meat, legumes and nuts.

In addition, they develop strategies that help them not to eat too much as:

* Eating small plates, thereby decreasing the amount of calories in a meal.

* Having to make all the food on the table (to avoid eating snacks and even after we are already full), they put the food on the counter and anyone who wants to add a food dish to stand up and take himself.

* They stop eating when they’re 80% full. The reason it takes half an hour to satiety comes from the gut to the brain and 80% system helps them do so.

5. Family before everything

The basis for all of their approach is communication. They are careful to put the family first of all, take care of their children and aging parents.

Moreover, they surrounded themselves with the right people. In a person to turn round with friends are obese, there is a 50% chance that he will suffer from obesity and in general, people turn round with unhealthy people, life inevitably be affected. Adam will surround himself a company engaged in physical activity, healthy diet, etc., able to absorb a positive impact over time.